Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when I come to your church?

Coming to church should always be a stress free experience. You can expect to meet people that are happy to see you and here at EBC that’s exactly what you will find.


Is there a dress code?

We do not believe in telling anyone what they should wear so what I would say to you is…wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. You can be as formal as you would like or as casual as you need to be. Basically…come as you are!

What is Worship Like

Our worship service is blended with traditional hymns and contemporary which compliments and reinforce the weekly message from our pastor. We strongly believe that “worship” is not something that only happens in the first 20 minutes while the music plays. Worship encompasses the whole of what we do from the opening song to the closing prayer because all of it calls on us to respond to God from the heart.

I am expected to sing?

Not at all. If you wish to do so that would be fine but not expected or required. Actually if you do not want to stand while some are, that is perfectly alright.

I see that in many places people lift their hands during worship. Is that biblical, what if I am not comfortable doing so.
The bible speaks of Godly men and women lifting up holy hands to a Holy God. However, it also says that we should worship in Spirit and in Truth. What that means is that you should do whatever makes you feel right and not because others might be doing it. Never mind how the person next to you is worshiping God. You do as you are led…

I have noticed that some churches are loud, how about EBC?
At EBC we believe that we serve a living God. What that means is that there is life in all we do. Our worship service is not quiet but it is also not loud. I find it to be just right!