There is always much going on at EBC and we are constantly looking for more to do. We strongly believe that involvement produces commitment and so we try to provide such opportunities. Below is our weekly schedule:

 BOARD Meeting - 1st Tuesday of the Month                                7:30 PM

   Bible Study                                                                                      7:30 PM
   Ladies Prayer                                                                                   8:00 PM
   Men’s Prayer                                                                                    8:00 PM
   Ladies Missionary Fellowship -   1st Thursday of the mo.    11:30 AM
   Ladies Bible Study – Twice a month on Fridays                             7:30 PM
   Men’s Coffee Fellowship – one Friday a mo. TBA                         7:30 PM
   Men of God Ministry Breakfast - 2nd Saturday of the mo.           10:00 AM
   SUNDAY SCHOOL                                                                        9:30 AM
   WORSHIP SERVICE                                                                    10:30 AM
   Communion -                            1st Sunday of mo.
   Emerson Health Care Center -     1st Sunday of mo.                      2: 00 PM
   Church Fellowship Lunch -        3rd Sunday of mo.  (TBA          12:30 PM